Blood Oil – Still a B(oil)ing topic

Posted on March 4, 2011


Chevron have been treated the people in Ecuador bad for long enough now, they have lived in the devastation the company left behind when they controlled the land. The last week, the law finally got in close encounter with Chevron, when a court in Ecuador’s rainforest-district gave the company a fine at 60 billion $ for its neglect in cleaning up after their not so very good deed. The devastated area have been affecting people’s need for healthy food, water etc. Abuses like this from giants such as Chevron is nowadays very much on the agenda, especially when you talk about the “black gold”. Other companies, such as Lundin Oil and Shell, is struggling to clean themselves up just like the killer trying to make evidence disappear after taking someone’s life, but there ain’t no way You can make the trace disappear. The truth about Your deeds will catch up with You in the end. We nowadays don’t just have Blood Diamonds, we have Blood Oil as well, since it’s all about the money.

Thousands and thousands of beautiful human beings are left in despair everyday because the lack of empathy by the above moneymaking dinosaurs. Children, adults, elderly of any gender has been affected in many ways, that have lead to death, diseases and entrapped generations to come. Not to mention, that these human beings often do not get the chance to speak up for themselves and cannot afford the best lawyers. They can only depend on the goodwill (which often lacks) from the companies or they hopefully will be helped by an organization or likewise. Unfortunately, the companies also seems to be cheered on by the countries which they reside in, because these countries will receive a better economy with a major multinational company visiting.

The powerful oil-fueled companies I have mentioned earlier are bound to follow every decree, contract, treaty and law there is, that contains issues about how a company should take their responsibility regarding the using of an area, their workers and the environment. If they do not intend to follow the game-plan of human rights, there will be a lot of actors on this field that will make their living not so good. Such actors can be You and me, but also organizations and other control mechanisms. Therefore I put some links in this message where You can read about what crimes the above committed and what they should do to rehabilitate, compensate for the abused environment and the abused people.


Lundion Oil


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