Soccer – The name of the Blood money game

Posted on February 26, 2011


It is nice when human beings give up their good life in the western part of the world to try to make some change in societies with the qualities they can offer. People that brings their heart into the work and spend every awaking hour with the most needed determination in that environment. They often have sacrificed their own personal life to improve the personal lives for the least fortunate. But, of course, we are already aware of that and we cheer them on with never ending strength in our voice. Although, there is some human beings that use their capability and experience for the sake of the money, by lending their knowledge to less suitable countries, such as the one’s I will bring up here.

Soccer is and still should be a worldwide game, since it is giving a lot of people like You and me happiness. Young individuals brought up in a not so good environment, can change their life through the game. Almost every country in the world has a national soccer-team and many of them is providing a system of excellent training possibilities. But then we have the countries’ leaders that uses soccer as a hobby and try to appease their citizens by providing the national or their favorite team with the best prerequisites. That is something that has taken place in two former Russian areas recently, that through the eyes of the caring world are not seen as healthy if you want to express yourself etc. etc.
The former hero and now living legend from Holland Mr. Ruud Gullit were offered a lot of money to come to Chechnya to train the best team, Terek. Terek make its contribution to soccer in the premier division of Russia and Mr. Gullit’s appearance will bring the light on Terek and of course on Mr. Kadyrov, the president of Chechnya. The president will be seen as a hero alongside with the trainer, but the problems the country is facing will stay in the background. The country is always in the human rights media, awarded not so nice propaganda with abuses and disappearances amongst its citizens as headlines.
A neighbor to Chechnya, Dagestan, is also making news in the world of soccer. Another former soccer-hero, the Brazilian Roberto Carlos, is the new trainer of Anzji, a team that is spending its time at the bottom of the Russian League. Roberto Carlos is offered 10 million Euro to train Anzji and here as well as in the Gullit case, you can imagine that this maybe is blood money. Dagestan is a former republic of Russia and is not famous for treating their citizens good, especially those who oppose the ruler. Furthermore, the poor is really, really poor and there is always clashes between ethnic groups.
These two guys will probably do a hell of a job with this propagandist action from the regimes and you can feel the sense of some Kremlian handicraft in this, because as all soccer-fans know it is Russia that is responsible for the 2018 World Cup. But as always it is not the citizens of these two cities that will earn money from this. It will be the already filled up Oligarchs that is getting the chance to stuff their pants with even more western money.

Many would say that soccer and politics is not connected to each other, but it is. Remember that many great games have had affected the society since the invention of the game, even war.
Therefore, we must urge the world’s greatest players and managers to not fall for invitations such as the ones above. The upbringing of new trainers should include some kind of moral and human rights studies. It is okay to make money out of your knowledge, but not when you will be a brick in a propaganda game.

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