The Nepalese Bishnu’s third gender victory

Posted on February 6, 2011


To many human beings struggle against the world’s view on gender and identity. There is unfortunately many of those in power that only recognizes 2 sexes, man and woman, and would never even discuss a third gender. Mostly, this is because of the lack of knowledge about how the human brain functions, but if the countries of the world put some effort in science than it would be no problem to understand. But after reading the news today I saw a bright shining star on the world’s map in the shape of Nepal.

The Nepalese High Court made the decision in 2008 that the government must come up with laws that recognizes the third gender, but because of the move from monarchy to a republic, it was delayed. Nepal is the first country that have come this far with identity rights for a human being. Even if the laws not have been corrected to follow the decision, the first important step has been taken. But the story moves even further into the light, due to an important action of an individual that hopefully will break the sorcery that is put on the third gender.

Bishnu Adhikari became the first Nepalese citizen to be registered as a third gender on the identity card. But as you would probably understand it was not government that asked if Bishnu wanted to add the third gender. Bishnu confronted a representative in the region and demanded that they acknowledged the third gender by making the changes necessary in the identity card, which they did. This was a huge thing for Bishnu, who said that it was the greatest victory ever. Bishnu struggled for a long time, but it was worth fighting for, which shows us that if you fight for your rights you can come far.

The victory for Bishnu is also a victory for all the individuals with a third gender in Nepal and hopefully this will spread to the rest of the world. This topic is something that even the most LGBTQ-friendly countries has to take care of. The thought is often stronger than the action, but the action is most needed. Especially for those who is struggling to be recognized as the third gender and that is living in fear and with identity problems.

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