Open letter to the Minister of Migration in Sweden

Posted on January 22, 2011


Dear beautiful listener!
If You want to take action on this as well You can visit here
and push the link “email to Tobias Billström, via the senior registry clerk” (You have to press the “English” button first)
and simply fill out the form that visualize with the text below.

Thanx in advance!

Dear Minister of Migration

I hope that the holidays have been treating You well!

When I look at Sweden as a country, I see a reliable, empathetic and generous country for mankind, but the last couple of months these words are changed, due to the treatment of the Iraqi-born human beings. It is with great concern that I contact You and I wish to hear You say something about it, and in the end do what You can to stop the inhumane treatment.

If the rest of the world can see that Iraq is a country that one should not send people back to, You should be able to see it as well, since many reliable NGO sources view it as a war-zone. Of course, if you are a wealthy human being that has the chance to settle yourself in areas were the military has some sort of control, then maybe it is easy to go back. But if you are a baptized Christian or have been politically involved etc., then you probably will be having problems if you are forced back to Iraq, since there is a Fatwa laid on you. This Wednesday this formerly known empathetic country sent 20 totally broken down human beings to Iraq and we will probably never hear about their destiny. I hope that everything goes well with them and for the country of Sweden’s conscience as well, but I am not sure about Your karma.

Then we have the problem with the last report from Wikileaks regarding Your visit in Iraq together with Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, that is filling up the senses with even more doubts about Sweden as a nice place to be. In these documents the governments of Sweden’s representatives says that the Iraqi-born human beings that have arrived to Sweden was low-educated and had nothing to give the society. I would like to say that from my point of view I see You and your fellow “executioners” as low-educated in empathy and I cannot see anything good coming from any of you.

Finally, I would like to ask You and Your co-workers in the government to:
halt the evictions of human beings to Iraq
Build a better organization for the questions regarding migration, one that is filled of empathy
end with Your racist behavior

Sincerely Yours,

Mikael Johansson, Malmoe, Sweden

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