Killing in the Name of Human Rights!

Posted on January 14, 2011


Who is fighting for their freedom, what is a freedom fighter and then of course who is a terrorist? When you seeking answers regarding the above question, over this globe we still live or do not live upon, you get different answers. To the oppressed human being in an area controlled by another state, a person that violates the oppressor’s citizen’s liberties by killing them, probably see them as freedom fighters. But if you ask a human being, belonging to the state that controls that area, that had his/her family broken by the killings, probably call the above offenders terrorists. In my opinion is no action of violence sanctioned and there can only be dialog to solve problems like the above mentioned. But I would like to take a moment and lay off my non-violent costume and take you for a ride in the land of the killer for human rights, or killing in the name of human rights if you like.

Instead of using the “democratic alternative” supported by a country to kill opponents to human rights, we cover the down below mentioned violent actions by using a newborn NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). We will have a thin line between right or wrong to be aware of, since every country in the world has the bad habit of breaking the human rights agenda. Therefore, we will only target the violators of human rights that holds a position of power, which means that we will not reprimand the people that violates others to a lesser extent. The operations that we are going to pull through must be 110 % certain that the one we will “send back from where they came from” or abuse has committed a crime against human rights. The cause do not only include  that we will fight heads of governments, but also that we, for example, will fight heads of companies as well. What kind of forum does not matter, we strike anyway.

Let us look at a scenario that can affect the life’s of the abused all around the world. If there is someone that do not tolerate Your human rights in anyway, either brutally physically deprive You of your rights or discriminate You from the same, I urge You to contact us and we will make it better in the end. We will contact the one’s (everyone that had a notion about what they did to You) that is responsible for making You feel nothing but sadness and give them a second to think over the situation, and then maybe give them their rights. “Maybe” give them their rights is of course only a gesture that will give them a glimpse of hope. After that we will exclusively use the “tooth for tooth”-principle and abuse the persons, that were involved in the crimes against You, in the not polite way that You were treated. This will learn them to behave, and use the moral and ethic path, in the future. What will their destiny provide them with if they have killed You? Well, that is another topic…

What do we want to achieve with this award-winning concept? Of course, we want the decision makers in the world to start use the human rights manual, no matter what. If we can get them to turn their minds into that direction, the people of the world will be better of, than better of dead. As a human being, You will develop in the way that You always wanted and there will be equality between every women, man and those with both sexes. If You want to love somebody, You will get that chance. But foremost, even if the sun would not shine on You all the time, You will be aware of that nobody can break You and Your family!

“Killing in the name of” (Rage Against the Machine)

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