Stranger in a strange land

Posted on December 14, 2010


An alien, a foreigner, a disease etc. etc., these are the names that we label people with, that have struggled for a chance to create a different future for their own, other than the one they lived in when they were growing up. Human beings that made the best out of the situation they were in and made the best logical choice, and left their cruel lives behind. But for many of them the future provided them with despair and even more cruelty, because of the limbo they have been in since they started their search to find a hope for their families. We have people coming to our countries with sometimes even better educations than we have and they almost never get a chance to use that education, instead they become bus-drivers, Pizza-makers, taxi-drivers etc. etc. (not to say that these jobs are not worth anything), so no one can complain about them not paying debt to society in that sense.

The nationalistic view, in the new world were they see a bright future, has also been a problem for them that seeks shelter from the evil forces that surrounds them. People in the new country are afraid of what will happen with their “perfect world” which they live in and they complain to everyone about these strangers that behaves in mysterious way. These people have always disliked you, as you do not behave like them, which means that you do not care for your new neighbors traditions: get a wife, children and a house; get yourself drunk on your spare time etc. The people of your new country have a double-standard when they complain about your traditions being so hostile, when they behave in a hostile way themselves. As in any other country you are a resident of (generally speaking), it contains people that do not behave in a good way when it comes to moral, ethics, rights etc. and no matter where you have your origin (Sweden, USA, Brazil, Iran, China etc.) that behavior is not okay.

There is just one thing I would like to make the people aware of that complain about people that come to our country and behave in the most “abnormal” way (read “not like us”): what can You do about the “problem”. “They come to our country and think that they can behave in anyway they want.” Do you think that they want to come to your country in the first place? Don’t You think that they would have wanted to stay in their hometown and “behave in anyway they want” there? They leave their country to build a better future for their loved ones and no one can blame them for that. So, instead of complaining all the time about them “being to many”, “they only take our money” etc. organize yourself in some questions regarding their home-countries. Involve yourself in organizations that work with these questions and make other people aware of the problems that these countries is facing. This will maybe help the individuals of the same flesh and blood as you and me, to not have to flee from their beloved hometown or beloved ones.

After all, the conclusion is this: They do not want to live in your country if you cannot behave!

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