The Legacy of Neda

Posted on December 7, 2010


It is with a great admiration that I enter the world this morning. A great admiration for a girl that unfortunately not is among the other brave and wonderful human beings on this planet anymore. Neda was and still is a flower, wherever she might be at this moment, that will enrich the flora of mankind with her determination for change for people living under abuse. She sacrificed her life in the hands of the evil forces that hold the extraordinary glorious freedom-seekers of Iran in a Gordian knot, but she never died. Her legacy lives on and will never omit as long as we want to change this world. She is the icon for all the shining martyrs that we have lost to the Dark Side, her face is today’s Jeanne D’Arc, Martin Luther King etc., that has fought the desperate, power-crazed regimes anywhere, but the picture of her will never fade away.

Wherever Your soul has its residence, I would like to urge You to take a stand for Neda and her brothers, sisters and humans in love. You can do it by just talk about her with Your family, friends and maybe the most important Your children. Tell them about this breathtaking girl that hopefully will change the situation with the high price she paid, tell them about why she stood up for her people that are in shackles and talk to them about how people should treat each other; with respect and understanding. Talk to them about democracy and human rights, but don’t patronize them, just let it grow inside of them.

Remembrance is one great thing to cherish.

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