Stepping the accountability up a notch – Bhopal

Posted on December 5, 2010


A couple of months ago, some directors connected to the company that is responsible for the catastrophe in Bhopal India in 1984, probably got what they deserved. The directors were all originally brought up in India and probably got their punishments (a couple of years imprisoned) because they were in India or maybe felt responsible and never could imagine that any court would “destroy” their lives. The real bad executive guy (read Warren Anderson) is avoiding India to take his responsibility, but where is the so called international solidarity and ethical police when it’s mostly needed, and bring him in? Furthermore, the company (Union Carbide) do not take its responsibility to provide any compensation for the people of Bhopal either. Of course, then You can say that it is as it always has been, the big fish is eating the little one without any regret. But isn’t time to begin to nibble on the big fish…

During the trial that sentenced 8 co-workers of Union Carbide to prison, the defense lawyers reached a low level, to low even for a professional lawyer. The lawyers from Union Carbide asked the court: “How can anyone determine what the injuries are, when it strikes people that lives in cabins”, when the accountability was settled. In a Utopian world this would not need to be explained, I believe these words really speaks for themselves, but this needs to be developed a lot more, to keep the discussion alive.

Morally, it is not OK to talk about people in that way, since what You own is not the question in this case, it is what You are supposed to have, for example, an environment around You that can give Your life the quality You deserve. Many inhabitants of Bhopal lost their families, was hurt by the accident, and in the aftermath of the new generation is also affected by the cruel environment. Yes, many of them lived in cabins, but we cannot say that it depends on what we live in that sets the standard for compensation or punishment. The responsibility is unquestionable in any way! Everyone that lose something in a disaster needs water, food, sanitation etc. to try to start a new life. Therefore I urge Union Carbide to take the full responsibility and restore the environment in Bhopal and fairly compensate the inhabitants, more than You have done up til’ now.

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You can still take action:

“Rise again little fighter, and let the world know the reason why, Rise again little fighter, and don’t let ’em end the things You do” (White Lion)

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