France – Afraid of the Roma militia?

Posted on September 17, 2010


I have learned from the news that the President of France says that he just defend France, when it comes to the actions against the Roma population. The Government of France is destroying camps, in which people just try to get through every day in their lives with their health in shape. What do the Government expect them to do in these camps? Do the Government believe that they are building a militia to overthrow the Government and make their own agenda (would that be wrong?)? Is there a warlord that is holding a grip over the Roma people and make them create guns and bombs? The situation is getting out of hand dear Mr. President Sarkozy, but You can still save some of Your lost dignity.

Why don’t You Mr. Sarkozy start looking into alternative methods if You want to expel the Roma people from Your society even more? Talk to the EU instead of shout at them and try to come to a solution. Otherwise, this thing would surely erupt again and maybe it will affect the French people’s reputation. First of all, we need answers about what it is that You want to defend dear Mr. President? And second, keep the torch burning for the Roma people and help them, instead of letting the torch burn their camps!

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