Appeal for trade unionists Cándido Corona Barruecos and Virgilio Meléndez Montiel

Posted on September 7, 2010


Dear extremely beautiful solidarity struggler!

I hope that You sit with the sun comforting You at this moment!

Let us help the sun shine over the two trade unionists below, so that they can live without the fear of being persecuted. You can do so by copy & paste the text below into an e-mail and send it to: and if You live in Sweden a copy to: or check this site out for the Mexican embassy in Your country:

I wish You a wonderful day in Your life!

Dear Secretary,

From reliable sources I have learned that armed men have assaulted and threatened independent trade unionists Cándido Corona Barruecos and Virgilio Meléndez Montiel. This took place in the Mexican state of Puebla on 16th of August. This nothing that anyone can and should accept and I would suggest some actions for You to take:

I am very concerned for the safety of Cándido Corona, Virgilio Meléndez, their colleagues and families, which of course means that You must provide safety for everyone of them.

I urge the authorities to provide them with effective protection in strict accordance with their wishes.

I also urge the Puebla state authorities to investigate the 16 August attack and bring those found to be responsible to justice.

Finally I urge the state authorities to guarantee the right of all trade unionists to freedom of association.

Yours respectfully,

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