The Cuban’s Crisis – Dr. Castro is awake and strikes again

Posted on September 3, 2010


We were all aware about the Cuban crisis that took place in the early 60’s, when 13 days made a difference between peace or war. The power-struggle between the U.S. and the Soviet Union with Cuba as the last outpost, could have ended in a disastrous WWIII. Nowadays we don’t have that bipolar struggle (maybe coming soon), since Russia don’t have that power that they had then. But there is still a crisis in Cuba, the Cuban’s Crisis.

In summer 2010 the Cuban regime made a decision to release many of the human beings that had been detained in 2003 in the big crackdown made by the government against “the enemies of the country”. These “enemies” was just some men that wanted to express their feelings about the political environment in Cuba, an environment that lacked of understanding for people with different thoughts than the government.
It was good news for the families and friends that their fathers, brothers, husbands and comrades would soon be back home, but of course, the regime’s punishment were not over. The release would only go into practice if “the enemy” left the country, which meant that there must be a country that will open their arms for them. This would also mean that there must be a place for their families as well. This was a devastating fact, but still we believed that Cuba had made a turn in their politics against people with free minds. But then the sleeping giant awoke…

A couple of days ago I read in the paper that the Cuban regime have started to detain “enemies” again and this time after a rally at a university. Some weeks ago, I learned from the news that Dr. Fidel Castro made an appearance to show the world that he had not forgotten us. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand that these to events have something in common. I believe that Dr. Castro were not especially comfortable with his young brother’s decisions regarding “the enemies” and now wanted to show that he is still in charge. “The Apprentice” has not done his homework well and needs to take some extra classes.

As in the way that the sleeping giant has awoken, the world’s leaders should awake to. Rise up, shake of the tiredness, yawn loudly in the Cuban direction and get into action, protest in anyway they can, that the regime has detained 115 political prisoners. The slumber is over for us, we must take control!

“I’m sleeping my day away” (D.A.D.)

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