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Appeal for the Afro-Descendants in Colombia

September 22, 2010


Dear beautiful rose of human care! I hope that Your dreams will be fulfilled today! This time I have made an appeal for the threatened Afro-Descendants in Colombia. They, together with human rights defenders, is threatened by the paramilitaries and need Your help to make the authorities of Colombia aware of that, so that they […]

France – Afraid of the Roma militia?

September 17, 2010


I have learned from the news that the President of France says that he just defend France, when it comes to the actions against the Roma population. The Government of France is destroying camps, in which people just try to get through every day in their lives with their health in shape. What do the […]

Appeal for people on death list in Colombia – three already dead!

September 14, 2010


Dear extremely warm-hearted reader! I write this today to hopefully convince You to send the below letter. There are some young people with hopefully their wonderful in front of them, but at the moment they are threatened to death by Paramilitary forces in Colombia. You can change that situation by enter this site: to […]

Appeal for trade unionists Cándido Corona Barruecos and Virgilio Meléndez Montiel

September 7, 2010


Dear extremely beautiful solidarity struggler! I hope that You sit with the sun comforting You at this moment! Let us help the sun shine over the two trade unionists below, so that they can live without the fear of being persecuted. You can do so by copy & paste the text below into an e-mail […]

Appeal for Iranian prisoner of conscience Shiva Nazar Ahari

September 5, 2010


God evening my dear friend of human rights, Hope You have had a pleasant weekend and You can end it in an even more pleasant way! The pleasant way is to send the letter below to: and if Swedish cc: otherwise, check here were You can cc to the embassy of Iran […]

Appeal for 21 garment factory employees and labour rights activists in Bangladesh

September 4, 2010


God morning my dear fighter for liberty! I hope that You’ve had a pleasant wake up this morning! If You have had a pleasant wake up, maybe You would like to help us in the fight for justice by sending the below letter to the Bangladesh embassy in Sweden or if not a Swedish […]

The Cuban’s Crisis – Dr. Castro is awake and strikes again

September 3, 2010


We were all aware about the Cuban crisis that took place in the early 60’s, when 13 days made a difference between peace or war. The power-struggle between the U.S. and the Soviet Union with Cuba as the last outpost, could have ended in a disastrous WWIII. Nowadays we don’t have that bipolar struggle (maybe […]