Appeal for a North Korean human being

Posted on August 29, 2010


God evening!

I hope that this weekend have brought everything into Your life with a smile!

I would like to ask You to try bring a smile to a soul that is under great control. You can try to help him by sending the message below to this e-mail adress: The e-mail is sent to the UN-representative of North Korea in Geneva.

I thank You in advance!

Dear Ambassador,

I contact You because of the situation for the former coal miner, 84-year-old Jeong Sang-un. Mr. Jeong Sang-un left North Korea for China to find better living conditions, due to the food crisis that You have had since the early 90’s. He was arrested in China and forcibly returned to North Korea and was detained immediately, without any trial. I believe that he is in great danger, since he is detained at Yodok political prison camp (or kwanliso) in South Hamkyung province. This prison has a bad reputation of harsh conditions and executions over minor fractions. Mr. Jeong Sang-un’s health is very fragile and he will probably be very ill or even die in that prison. Therefore:

I call on the North Korean authorities to release Jeong Sang-un immediately;
I would like to express my concern that, given his age and poor health, continued detention in harsh prison camp conditions puts his life at risk and therefore should be released immediately;
I urge them, while he is in custody, to ensure that he is not tortured or otherwise ill-treated, and has access to all the food, medical treatment and medication he needs.

Yours Sincerely,

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