“I should not have been here”

Posted on August 20, 2010


On every tv-channel in Sweden that has the right to put a commercial on, is now showing a good and very strong sensible commercial signed by the Hjärt- och Lungfonden (Heart-Lung Foundation). In this commercial celebrities and non-celebrities says some magic words: “I should not have been here”. That statement, of course, shows how good it is to support the heart- and lung-research. But inbetween you find someone that says: “My father should have been here” (he died of some heart- or lung-related disease, and they show his daughter in a wedding-dress). That statement is of course to show that more help is needed. And now I believe you wonder why I describe this commercial to you? If you follow me around the corner I tell you why.

Nowadays in Sweden there is a lot of talk about the upcoming election to the Riksdag (Parliament), as well as elections locally. And if you are a person in Sweden that love human beings you are terrified by the “Lord of the rings”-feeling you get, when a cloud of darkness and evil is approaching, in the shape of the Swedish Democratic Party. This Party is dressed nicely and look like the upperclass that it attracts, but it is only to cover their medieval thoughts of how Sweden should look like. That is why I would like to present an absurd alternative to the above mentioned commercial.

The Swedish Democratic Party is, as I described above, a chameolont in the political world in Sweden and they want non-Swedish people to disappear from the rich natured country or not even welcome them to our country (except for those with the money). But they really try to hide that from the inhabitants and succeed among many different categories of electors. But if you are somewhat enlightened you don’t buy their tragic politics. And You would probably not buy their stories if You would see a commercial like this:

The intro to the commercial would probably be some kind of music, made by a genuine swede, Carl-Michael Bellman, Evert Taube etc. They will play a traditional Swedish epos about the beautiful landmarks all over the country. To the music there probably will be pictures of the above mentioned landmarks and the people that is enjoying these landmarks is of course white as the sheets a klan, that I don’t want to bring to the light here, is using. But suddenly the music shifts and is squeezing metallic sound as the musicians were between the hammer and the anvil. Further on, the light that earlier shone on the Swedish landmarks have turned to utterly darkness. Then a figure is arising through the darkness, a girl with brown eyes and curly black hair, dressed in a sapphire-colored outfit, saying “I should not be here”. Then one can imagine that this commercial will continue with people origin from different areas throghout the world saying the same thing. And in between the spectator will astounded see another guise coming through the attic and tell us “My father is not aloud to be here”, as she is showing a picture of her father as she sits in her wedding-gown, wishes that her father could take her to the altar. All of this, as anyone can figure out, is because of the determined will of the Swedish Democratic Party to stop helpless people from entering the country and of course, to send the helpless people back to where they came from (or even worse).

This commercial is hopefully something we never get to see in Sweden, but if this tiny and unfriendly party get investors to start a tv-channel, then maybe this sadly can come true. Therefore, it is important to tell the world to watch out for these destroyers of solidarity and morality. We do not want another one that have one’s hair parted at the side, a hideous looking mustasch and an arm lifted in the air, lead us up the garden path and throw us into something we do not need.

“Darkness has fallen in paradise” (Candlemass)

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