Haitians knows how broken promises feels like – Don’t let Pakistan get the same feeling

Posted on August 10, 2010


There is something in this world that every human being tends to do every day, over and over again, no matter who you are. This something is of course break promises: I promise I come home from work early, I promise I pay you next time, I promise I will go and see you play on sunday etc. etc. These broken promises can destroy a human being’s life in many ways, but it will not challenge the broken promises I am going to talk about now, namely the broken promises made to the quaked Haitians by the World Society.

It is more than six months since the heart-breaking news reached the world about the earthquake striking Haiti. In the aftermath, many reliable help-organizations has been trying to rebuild the devastated areas by the help of the people that is living in these miserable conditions. But there is still so extremely much to do for the Haitians and the organizations cannot carry the weight alone. Therefore, the countries that has promised to donate a large amount of money, has to fulfill its obligations. The Haitians wonders where they can collect it? Or should we ask why the world does not care about Haiti?

If you look at it this way, what did/do Haiti had/have to offer the world? I believe that this is the main topic regarding the ignorance that the world is showing. Haiti has a beautiful, intelligent and cheerfueling people, and can offer a lot in that sense to the world. But what can the country offer the world, when we are talking about export. Everything is about what a country can export and what the country can provide for the capitalistic dinosaurs that rule the world. If a country like Haiti would have been one of the countries that gives US oil, gold etc., then probably I could have gambled with my life, that every country in the world would have fulfilled it obligations towards Haiti. I feel sorry for You great Haitian people, that You were not brought up amongst a natural richness.

It is interesting to know that you as a private individual, have to pay more money, when you are late with the bills. That phenomena does not seem to apply in the game countries play. Sadly, the above mentioned betrayal is something that probably will be happening to the fantastic people of Pakistan. Pakistan does not have anything to offer the world either, when we are talking export (some things are exported of course, but not the “real thing”). Therefore, I would like to ask the World Society to pay up to the Haitians and build the country in a democratic way, with a strong infrastructure. Support the ongoing help for the people in Pakistan and pay up for rebuilding the country. Am I asking to much?

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