Appeal for Journalist Mr. Hairat Niyaz in Xinjiang China

Posted on August 4, 2010


Dear Freedom Fighter!

I hope that Your life is as wonderful as it’s suppose to be!

Now it’s time to make an effort for the extraordinary people that try to make us aware of the human rights violations. Down below we have an appeal for a journalist from the Xinjiang province in China. Mr. Hairat Niyaz is a man that have fulfilled his duty as a journalist to make people aware of the things that take place in this world.

Please copy the text below and send it to:
And send a copy to the embassy of China in your country:

Thanx in advance and I wish You a very special day!

Dear Chairman,

As a fighter for human rights I am very concerned about the safety of Hairat Niyaz. Hairat Niyaz (whose name can also be spelled as Gheyret Niyaz or Hailaite Niyazi) was arrested at his home on 1 October 2009. At the time, the police told his family that he was detained because he had “given too many interviews”. According to the arrest notice, he had been arrested for “endangering state security”.

Hairat Niyaz was tried, convicted and sentenced on 23 July 2010 by a court in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR). The prosecutors relied on essays he had written prior to the July 2009 protest in the XUAR and interviews he gave to Hong Kong media after the violence as evidence. His whereabouts is unknown as this letter is written.

Since he only has used his right to express himself through his work:
I urge the authorities to release Hairat Niyaz immediately and unconditionally and to guarantee that Hairat Niyaz will not be tortured or otherwise ill-treated.

I also urge the authorities to ensure that Hairat Niyaz is given immediate access to legal counsel of his choice, his family and any medical attention he may require.

Yours respectfully,

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