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Posted on August 1, 2010


There is one thing that bothers You when You are a defender of human rights, when human rights gets appointed the second place in law practice. No matter where You are in this world, no thing should be above Your human rights and control You as if You were a puppet. The rights You got is Yours (and of course the responsibilities that comes with that) and Yours only and nothing can change that. That is why I am glad that there are several organizations in this world that show our enemies that we are strong and we can survive the hits that is made by our opponents. One such organization is One Law For All (originally a campaign), working from London and with their help, I would like to share a thing or two that, with them to backing it up, shows why we have to fight for Our rights.

In the democratic (not to say that this is the Almighty instrument) world that we try to maintain, there are some elements that has developed fast and furious that is breaking the spell of human rights that has originally been put on You since birth. Containing these rights, is the right to have any religious belief that You want, but there is a limit on how far anyone’s belief can go. It can’t go round or over every human beings rights. It is not right to defend a penalty that is dehumanising a human being, such as the medieval practice of Islam, the Sharia law.

I have read a report made by the One Law For All campaign and is terror-struck by the things I took in. When reading the report You find many violations against Your rights, for example death penalty for homosexuals. Wherever You lay Your faith You can have an opinion regarding this topic, but You can never violate the right that people has a freedom to be oriented in any way they want sexually (of course not the ones that violates another human being or animals). Furthermore, You can unfortunately come to the conclusion that this law is overall discriminate women in any way, especially when it comes to the courts that use this law. If You are a Muslim woman You have no chance whatsoever when You stand up for Your rights in these courts. The Muslim man is Your Master and often it doesn’t matter what he have done against You. You just have to accept the terms that is a patriarchal construction.

The above mentioned violations is something that they want to introduce in several democratic societies (and in some already exist) and it is frightening that there is even a discussion about the well-being of these practices in some societes. These societies needs to take a look at themselves before they ruin many people’s lifes by letting another court decide over the original fair one (not always although). The Sharia Councils and the Muslim Arbitration Tribunals cannot be seen as a substitute for the One Law, the law that supports every human being’s rights.

You can read the report here:

Finally, this post is not an effort to try to depreciate the importance of Islam for many people. It is merely a reminder that it is not right to use the above instruments to practice a religion.

“Someone said I believe in You”, Twisted Sister

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