The Princess and the Prince calls for dictatorshit in the world?

Posted on June 22, 2010


Last week, there was something going down in the Kingdom of Sweden that everyone had something to say about, either if You were for it or against it. The marriage of the Princess Victoria and Daniel, born by the people, took place in the capital Stockholm, with thousands of people attending, millions watching it on the telly and others totally ignoring it or demonstrated in different ways against it. Also attending at this wedding, was the kind of human beings that is a part of violations of human beings, even if they do not practice it.

I am talking about representatives for countries that see their own people or other countries people merely as tools to strenghten their power. Representatives that came from Sudan, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Belarus etc. and I believe that this is a peculiar thing to happen in a democratic society that Sweden is supposed to be. The responsible for the wedding defended this action, saying that it is a custom to invite every country’s diplomatic representative, when there is something Royal going down. But then these countries also see it as a custom to enslave and violate its people and that is not okay. At least You could expect that the government of this country, would have said something about it or complain about it, but the silence was louder than ever.
It hurts as a defender of human rights that noone shows sympathy for our fellow freedom fighters in these countries.

In the same sentence as above, You can also discuss why there is not a discussion on which countries that is playing the world cup in Soccer. Everyone talks about the development of South Africa (which of course is important as well) after the tournament’s lights is out, but noone discusses that a country in Asia is treating their people bad everyday and still gets to play in the world cup. Sometimes You wonder were the ball is rolling in this world and who is having the controll over it.

“Bye, bye ballcrusher
Bye, bye, bye” (W.A.S.P.)

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